Designed for extended recovery following Brazilian Butt Liftprocedures, as well as natural fat transfer and augmentation of thebuttocks. The SC – 29 provides full compression to the areas usedfor fat grafting, including abdomen and thighs but has glutealcutouts to alleviate compression to the buttock augmentation site. Reinforced upper thigh helps lift the buttocks and a reinforced abdominal panel provides added compression. Stitching aroundthe gluteal cutout is intentionally loose so that it can grow withthe patient, reducing post-op indentations. Made with ourSuperSilky fabric.

Ideal für:

  • Brazilian butt lifts
  • Butt implants
  • Natural fat transfers to buttocks

Attention: The size chart is stored as an image file. Choose the right measurement points and ensure that this tape is applied too loose nor too tight.

75,00EUR / Piece
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Delivery Time 2-5 daysDelivery Time 2-5 days **

SCULPTURES Brazilian Girdle
  • easy to apply
  • has an optimal fit
  • High wearing comfort through comfortably soft material
  • highly elastic
  • very convenient
  • no pressure points
  • not constrict
  • very good skin compatibility
  • washable
  • 100% latex-free

Material property:

20% Elastane
80% Nylon


  • Black

Important notes:

Please note that CAROMED compression garments are no standard bodice. Our compression garments are medical bodice and conform to the compression classII(23-30mmHg). The use of compression bodice depends on the performed operation. The correct compression in the right places of operation this plays a crucial role for the healing process. In consultation with your treating physician, selected the correct model, set the size as well as the wearing time to obtain a best possible surgical result.   All information on our website to our compression garments are only non-binding,informative purposes. We can replace a specialist advice in any case.

Please note the manufacturer's washing instructions:

The products are delivered separately and non-sterile packaged. Please to the instructions that are included with each product. page1image28680 page1image28840 page1image29160

All information on only non-binding, informative purposes and can never replace the advice by a specialist.

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