Scar, eye and skin care by GABOL

Gabol Cosmetics was founded to provide functional and highly innovative products. The research was developed in collaboration with dermatologists, toxicologists and chemists. We are constantly developing the latest active ingredients, which are both vegetable and biotechnological, as well as of synthetic origin.

We bring to market cosmetic products that promote the well-being of the skin and help combat problems and imperfections, following their own functional mechanisms, taking full account of their physiology. The functionality and effectiveness of the products is safe and tested on the market, as the products are preferably made public by medical prescription and the distribution is entrusted to selected pharmacies.

Experience report from Dr. med. Irene Richter-Heine, Munich on the KELASTIC silicone scar plaster roll:

"The innovative scar plaster from the roll is 2.5 cm wide, 1 mm thick, 1.5 m long and handy as a roll in a square paper box. A simple and easy to understand  The box is enclosed with a description of the application and there is also a patient information sheet. The self-adhesive thin, skin-colored and very pleasantly soft and easily adaptable film is applied to a somewhat wider, stable carrier film. This means that the strip length can be individually sized and cut. Since December 2018  This film is used for scar treatment, preventively after completion of wound healing and adjuvant in the case of disturbed scar formation, especially on the chest and abdomen  the scar is created, the film makes the physiology  Movement of the skin without producing tension or traction or detaching.After 3 weeks of consistent use, subjectively and objectively, a significant improvement in the scar is visible, reduction in redness, fibrosis and height of the scar above the skin level.  The scarring of the scar skin is also visibly improved, so that neither shiny, vascular-injected nor dry scaly skin conditions can be seen.  A stable and persistent improvement in the scar pattern occurs after about 6 to 8 weeks.  This new film from the roll is very well received by the patients and is therefore used consistently, which can be seen very quickly and permanently in the improvement and normalization of scar formation. "