Sculptures Liposuction Foam® Roll (ca. 395 x 54 cm)


Sculptures Liposuction Foam® can be cut to the desired shape and size and used for post-operative support, comfort and compression/contouring. Soft medical grade polyurethane foam with absorbency qualities. Packaged in UV-protected bags for extended shelf life.

The low density of Sculptures Liposuction-Foam® leads to a slight compression and does not offer a uniform hold.  Sculptures Liposuction-Foam® is a high-density foam that has been specially developed to distribute the forces of the compression garment evenly and thus achieve the best possible results.  An even distribution of pressure softens the skin and reduces the effects of "waves" or "waves", which are often associated with liposuction.  Sculptures Liposuction-Foam® makes a significant contribution to achieving a smooth and smooth appearance of the skin.  It also helps reduce postoperative hematoma and inflammation.

Ideal for:

  • Traditional liposuction
  • Tumescent Technique Liposuction
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Chin and neck contouring

Has the following charactreristics:

  • Soft medical grade polyurethane foam
  • Absorbency qualities (approx. 1 L fluid)
  • Packaged in UV-restricted bags for extended shelf life

Sculptures Liposuction Foam® Roll (ca. 395 x 54 cm)

The open cell structure of Sculptures Liposuction-Foam® means that moisture and liquids easily penetrate and saturate the foam.  What can lead to infection problems and other complications?  The closed (compact) cells act as a barrier against moisture and liquids and ensure a healthy healing environment.  By using the latest generation of polyurethane with compact cells and a soft handle, we can offer your patients unprecedented comfort.  In addition, Sculptures Liposuction-Foam® adapts perfectly to the body contour of the hips, waist, thighs, arms or chin.


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Important notes:

Please note that CAROMED compression garments are no standard bodice. Our compression garments are medical bodice and conform to the compression classII(23-30mmHg). The use of compression bodice depends on the performed operation. The correct compression in the right places of operation this plays a crucial role for the healing process. In consultation with your treating physician, selected the correct model, set the size as well as the wearing time to obtain a best possible surgical result.   All information on our website to our compression garments are only non-binding,informative purposes. We can replace a specialist advice in any case.

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