The skin-refining ROTAGEL Nose Strips unclog pores. They remove blackheads and impurities thoroughly and gently at the same time and refine the skin's appearance. The skin feels fresh and clean.

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ROTAGEL Nose-Strip

The ROTAGEL Nose Strips have a moisturising ability and provide deep cleansing of the skin. The nose strip adheres to dirt and oil in the nasal area and the strip design allows for easy application, even in the hard-to-reach areas.

Once Rotagel Nose Strip is removed, you will see an improvement in your skin pores and appearance.
Regular use of ROTAGEL Nose Strips promotes deep cleansing of the skin.

Mode of application and dosage: 

Clean your skin and then apply the ROTAGEL Nose Strip. Please remove the strip after 15 minutes.

Contents: 10 strips

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