SCULPTURES size chart and important application notes


Please carefully follow the enclosed instructions for use when maintaining and using your Sculptures® compression garments at home. Your compression garment is a medical device designed and manufactured to help you achieve optimal cosmetic results.

Helpful tips

Home Usage Guidelines: If you have just taken a shower, make sure you are completely dry before putting on your Sculptures® compression garment. Take a seated position on a bed or in a comfortable chair. If you get tired while getting dressed, take a minute to rest.

Compression pants

While sitting, pull the compression pants to the knee area, then close the hooks and eyes and carefully pull up on the zipper. Now lean on your bed or chair and pull the pants up as far as possible. Now, gradually close the remaining hooks and eyes. A site will be a bit harder to close now and we recommend that you seek help.

Now that the hooks and eyes are closed, carefully close the zipper. Make sure that the zipper is not caught in the fabric. Pull at the top of the compression pants so that both halves of the zipper lie on one level.

Important - if the zipper gets caught immediately!

Do not try to pull the zipper in any direction. Take off the garment. This reduces the tension on the zipper. Now you can easily open or uncover the zipper.

Urination (urinating)

Sculptures® recommends female patients use a small, flexible plastic funnel to position near the perineum. This prevents inadvertent soiling of the garment. Standing urination will probably be more pleasant in the first days after surgery.

Move off

We recommend opening the garment on one side. So you can easily take off the garment without polluting it.

Washing instructions

Sculptures® recommends washing the garment by hand in lukewarm water and mild soap. Please do not dry in a tumble dryer.

Most patients use two pieces of clothing to wash one and the other. To remove blood stains, just pour a quarter cup of peroxide into a sink with cold water and wash the garment inside. Then let it air dry.