Compression garments by SCULPTURES

Sculptures Compression Wear garments are made from highly specialized, memory-resistant fabric. This four-way stretch fabric has been specially developed for use after plastic and reconstructive procedures with a universal, even compression. Sculptures Compression Wear is the latest in apparel technology with a body-contoured, specially formulated silhouette design, reinforced outer seams and easy-to-use zipper and hook-and-eye combination.

Our garments have been designed with patient comfort in mind. We've used 3D BodyScan technology to make sure our garments encircle every curve for a steady, secure fit. We also use fabrics like Satin and SuperSilky that are effective and comfortable. We believe that superior comfort helps improve patient compliance. Improved patient compliance means better results. Sculptures clothing is designed not only for the ultimate in patient comfort, but also to accelerate the healing process with its self-healing, antimicrobial and compressive properties. All Sculptures Compression Wear garments are treated with Triclosan, a specially formulated ester derivative that is a non-toxic, highly potent antimicrobial agent commonly used in clothing and ordinary household items such as toothpaste, hand soap and deodorants. The triclosan ester compound used is combined with the dye, this highly technical process ensures that the antimicrobial properties are incorporated not only on the fabric surface but in each individual fiber. The result is durable, long-lasting germicidal, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties that are not found in other application methods.