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CLAROX Lubricating Ophthalmic Solution

Eye solution based on sodium hyaluronate - sterile, self-preserving, biocompatible, with high lubricating and moisturizing power.  Due to its gentle and highly biocompatible formula with sodium hyaluronate, it is also suitable for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes.  

Recommendations for use: For moisturizing and calming irritated and stressed eyes.  

Ideal for: prolonged use of contact lenses, computer work, foreign body sensation due to wind and dust.  Attention:

Do not use if the ingredients are known to have incompatibilities!  

Content: 10 ml

Composition: EDTA 0.023%, PoliEsaMetilenBiguanid 0.0002%, hydroxyethyl cellulose, macromolecular hyaluronic acid 0.2% in isotonic solution.

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